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Principles and Differentiators

Fast Track Trading operates on principles of immediacy, transparency, and support. Unlike other funding firms, we:

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Instant funding without evaluations and monthly fees

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Eliminates monthly fees, making it cost-effective for traders

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Resources and support to maximize trader success

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frequently asked question

Are There Any Monthly Fees?

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No. There are no monthly or subscription fees of any kind at Fast Track Trading.

Do you Have an Affilate Marketing Program?

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Yes. Our Affiliate Marketing Program was devised to incentivize our community to spread the word about FTT, while being compensated for doing so.

Does FTT Accept Non-Us Traders?

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Yes. We allow traders from virtually every country in the world with the exception of Afghanistan, China, Russia, Belarus, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea and Syria.

What Does Instant Funded Mean?

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Instant Funded refers to a trading model that does not include any evaluation, combine of practice step of any kind. When FTT members purchase a trading account, virtual funds are deposited into their account and trading for profit is available immediately.

What Is FTT's Refunds And Cancellation Policy?

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Fast Track Trading does not offer refunds of any kind, neither expressed nor implied. We reserve the right to cancel any trading account for violation for any reason.

Where Is Fast Track Trading Located?

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Our Corporate Headquarters is in Orlando, Florida. We also have remote technical operations centers in Virginia and New Jersey.

Can I Reset My Account?

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Yes! Resets are available for Daytona, Grand Prix and Formula 1 account classes. For 10% of the earned profit (calculated from the previous day’s close) a FTT trader can reset their account to 50% of their earned profits.

For example:

Let’s say a trader has a Daytona class account with an earned profit of $20,000 and on NFP Friday, the market turns against them and their account liquidates at the $50,000 MLL (Max Loss Limit). We understand this happens to everyone and we are here to help!

Rather than repurchase the account and rebuild their equity, Fast Track Traders have the option to replenish half their equity. In this case, it would cost the trader 10% of their earned profit ($1000) to buy back $10,000 in profit in addition to their starting balance of $50,000. That said, if the trader opted for this, when the market opened on Sunday at 6pm EST, they’d have $60,0000 in their trading account as opposed to having to repurchase the account and starting from $50,000.

Some limitations apply to account resets:
          o Account have at least 15k of earned profit
          o Resets must be more than 4 days before payout day
          o Rally Accounts do not qualify for resets

Can I Hold Positions Overnight?

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No. Positions must be closed by 4:15pm on a daily basis otherwise FTT’s risk
systems will liquidate the position and charge a $25 fee per contract.

Can I Trade 24x7?

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The futures market is open from Sunday 6pm EST to Friday 4pm EST and pauses daily from 5PM to 6pm EST for clearing and roll-over activities. As such, all positions must be closed by 4:15pm EST on a Daily basis.

How Many Accounts Can I Have?

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Traders can have up to (20) accounts of any size.

Is Copy Trading Allowed?

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Absolutely! Copy trading is a core tenet of Fast Track Trading and is allowed across all accounts.

What Platforms Can I Trade?

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Presently, Rithmic compatible platforms are available (Quantower, R|Trader Pro, ATAS, Bookmap, Sierra Charts, etc). We are working diligently to bring additional tools to our platform as soon as possible – such as Tradingview, Tradovate and Ninjatrader. Please check back for regular updates.

What Symbols Can I Trade?

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  • Equity Futures: ES, NQ, NKD, YM, EMD, RTY
  • Interest Futures: 10Y, ZT, ZF, ZN, ZB, UB
  • Currency Futures: 6A, 6B, 6C, 6E, 6J, 6S, 6N
  • Agricultural Futures: HE, LE, GF, ZC, ZW, ZS, ZM, ZL
  • Energy Futures: CL, QM, NQ, QG, HO, RB
  • Metal Futures: GC, SI, HG, PL, PA, QI, QO
  • Micro Futures: MES, MYM, MNQ, M2K, MGC, M6A, M6E, MCL
  • Cryptocurrencies: MBT, MET

Account "Buffer Zone" & Thresholds

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When an account is created, they come with a standard 5% “buffer zone”.  This buffer is intended to prevent traders from being stopped out immediately and give them time to establish their strategy and create positive trades.  In other words, when the account is opened we allow a 5% Max Loss before the account is disabled.

Max Loss Per Account:

  • Rally – $23,750
  • Daytona – $47,500
  • Grand Prix – $142,500
  • Formula 1 – $285,000

Once you’ve earned 5% of your account balance you become eligible for payouts and can withdraw.   You do not have to maintain the 5% “buffer zone”, you just have to reach it to make your account eligible for payouts.

For example – let’s say that a trader has a Formula 1 account and has an excellent 7-8 trading days and for that timeframe earned $15,000, bringing their account balance to $315,000.  They have now reached their buffer zone, and activated payouts.  But, for the last few days they take small losses and their final account balance after the 10 trading days is $312,000.  Because the 5% buffer zone is reached the trader can request up to the Max Withdraw limit of $4000.

How Long Do Withdrawals Take?

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Fast Track Trading processes withdrawals within 48hrs from when they are requested but method of processing will dictate how fast funds reach your account:

  • ACH: 5-7 Business Days (US Customers only)
  • Wire: 2-3 Business Days
  • Crypto: 1-2 Business Days (Requires additional verification)

How does FTT Handle KYC (Know Your Customer)

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All KYC is performed by Rise during payment verification.

What Is FTT’s Payout Policy?

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Payouts are the most important part of trading as it rewards us for our efforts and allow us to sustain our lifestyle. To this end, Fast Track Trading strives to deliver the most attractive and flexible payout terms in the industry. Payouts are both tiered and structured and have 2 phases:

  1. Phase 1 – 5 Day Payout
    • Upon purchasing a new account(s), traders can receive a payout in as little as 5 days by achieving a daily profit of 20% of their profit buffer.
    • For example, if a trader has opted for a Rally account, their buffer zone is 5% or $1250.  To qualify for a 5-day payment they’d need to earn at least $250 per day.
    • After these 5 days of consecutively profitable trade, traders will be allowed to withdraw up to $2,000 per account.
    • Account Max Withdrawals for 5 Day Payout:
      • Rally – $1000
      • Daytona -$1250
      • Grand Prix – $1500
    • 5 Day Payouts are available to traders on their first account(s) purchases only.  Further purchases will be subject to the 10 day payout schedule.
  2. Phase 2 – Standard Bi-Weekly Payout
    • Subsequently, if a trader takes a payout after 5 days, they will be eligible for payouts every 10 trading days after that (a trading day can be defined as completing at least 1 trade in a 24hr period).
    • ***No minimum daily profit thresholds are required.
    • *** The 20% consistency rule applies
    • Account Max Withdrawals for 10  Day Payout:
      • Rally – $1500
      • Daytona – $2000
      • Grand Prix – $3000
      • Formula 1 – $4000
  3. What if a Trader doesn’t opt for a payout in 5 days?
    • If a trader wishes to keep profits in their account to further accrue their balance and forfeit the 5 day payout option, they would roll into the 10 day payout cycle.
    • Said differently, if a trader decides to forgo or is ineligible for the 5 day payout, they would only need to trade 5 more days (for a total of 10) to qualify for a payout within the 10 day payout timeframe.

What Is the Minimum Withdrawal Amount?

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The minimum withdrawal amount is $250

What Withdrawal Methods Are Allowed?

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Withdrawals are processed through our payment partner Rise and can be via ACH, Wire, Crypto. Additional methods are being considered and will be added as demand for them increases.

Can I Take Hedging Positions?

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No. Hedging is not allowed as per CME rules.

Do Consistency Rules Apply?

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Yes. Consistency is the found stone of Fast Track Trading’s mission and our goal is to create an environment that garners profitable trading and regular payouts for our users. Generally speaking, as there is no evaluation phase of our programs, a trader cannot exceed more than 20% of their total profits in a single trading session.

More details regarding consistency rules for payouts can be found in the “Payouts & Withdrawals” section.

How Can I Become a Live Trader?

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Becoming a Live trader is widely considered the major league of proprietary futures trading. Being graduated into a firms Live Trading desk is often a signature of consistency, profitability and success in trading and at Fast Track Trading, this distinction is no different. But, where we separate ourselves from the industry is how we single out traders who achieve this hallmark – we do so through a highly proprietary set of metrics to ensure that traders have what it takes in terms of risk management, money management, market mechanics and “feel”.

At face value, it takes about 60-75 days from the time a trader begins their journey with us until we ascertain their ability to trade at the highest level. From their perspective, if they receive 5 consecutive payments, have a positive account balance and no account resets, (at the time of Live account conversion) we will deposit the aggregate of all profits into a live trading account in their name.

How much Are Commissions?

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There are no commissions of any kind in any account class until traders are graduated into Live trading.

Is News Trading Allowed?

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Yes! News trading is allowed during all announcements such as FOMC, CPI and NFP although Fast Track Trading urges caution when doing so as the markets can be highly volatile during these timeframes.

Is There A Daily Loss Limit?

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No. Fast Track Trading does no implement daily loss limits on traders.

Is There A Maximum Loss Limit?

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Yes. Fast Track Trading’s mission is to create the most “trader friendly” rules in the industry and as such we understand that trading mistakes happen, the markets turn against us and drawdown is something that must be managed. Having said that, the only way a trader can be forcefully stopped out of a trade is if their earned account profit goes to zero, or if their 5% max loss limit is reached.

What is the Max loss limit?

For Example: In a Daytona class account with a starting balance of $50,000, the trader would be chance to lose $2500 and would be stopped out when their balance reaches $47,500. It’s 5% of the beginning account balance

What is FTT’s Drawdown Policy?

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Fast Track Trading uses an EOD (End of Day) drawdown policy that trails based on closed profits for each trading day and employs a Max Loss Limit of trading accounts starting balance. If the account has a losing the day, the drawdown will not move up or down, it will stay static. Drawdown only moves if a day is overall profitable. The drawdown will lock to the starting account balance once enough profits have been made in the account.

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